Terms and Conditions

Please read the below terms and conditions when booking a Hijama session.

  • If you are currently undergoing medical treatment of any sort or think you may be suffering from a medical condition, you must consult with your doctor prior to a consultation with a therapist. 
  • Patients using prescription medicine must notify their therapist prior to booking their first session 
  • Whilst cupping has no major side effects and is a traditional technique that has been used for several centuries, it must be understood that there are risks and side effects that can occur as a result of cupping.
  • Although most of the time healing from the superficial incisions only takes a few days, it should be understood and accepted that marks, in some circumstances, may last for several months. 
  • There is a possibility of feeling unwell following the days of being cupped - this is normal and a result of your body adjusting, resetting and recovering.
  • Other potential side effects include dizziness, numbing, hyperaemia, itchiness and pain. Please ensure you follow the before and after care to minimise the potential side effects. 
  • Reviving Hijama will not accept liability or expenses resulting from any illness, injury or untoward occurrence arising from the conduction of Hijama.
  • Please confirm the information you have provided your therapist with about your mental and physical health is correct to the best of your knowledge and a true representation of your medical history.