Hijama Services - Prices & Session Options

At Reviving Hijama, our Male & Female Specialists are dedicated towards helping people improve their overall health and well-being. 
We perform Cupping (Hijama) according to the Sunnah whilst adhering to Islamic Guidelines and offer our treatments from our clinic in Regents Park as well as mobile services in all areas in Sydney.
All our therapists are fully qualified and experienced and have their own area of expertise. If you have a specific need or area of concern, please get in contact with us to choose which treatment package is best suited for you. 
For Bookings:
Females - 0416093004
Males - 0411744008 
Get $10 off PER PERSON when booking in groups of 2 people or more - MOBILE ONLY
Treatment Description Mobile Home Visit  Clinic Regents Park
Standard Detox Up to 10 Cups on the neck and back  $100 $70
Full Body Back Reset Unlimited cupping on the back of the body. 
Ideal for detoxing organs, boosting circulation and tight muscles
$130 $100
Fertility Treatment 15 cups placed on the back and front of the body targeting the reproductive system.
It is recommended for both partners to have this treatment done between day 5-10 of your cycle.
$130 $100
Reviving Session Includes a 15 minute relaxation massage, cupping massage and 13 cups on the neck, back and shoulders. $130 $100
Full Body Back & Front Unlimited cups where ever needed on the back and front of the body. Recommended for custom treatment plans and treating multiple conditions in one session. $160 $130
Add on Head Cupping (Long Hair) 1 or 2 cups placed on the crown of the head with out shaving the hair - using honey & an electric pump. Recommended for hair loss, memory loss, headaches and spiritual afflictions. $30 $30
VIP Royal Treatment

Full body cupping on the back and front of the body. Focusing on detoxing the organs, improving circulation, managing pain, increasing libido, improving fertility, increasing stamina and strength
Includes a box of VIP Honey or 30 min massage

$210 $180
The Ultimate Wellness Package

Prepare the body with a 30 minute therapeutic massage and gliding cupping massage. Followed by 10 minutes of heat, red light and dynamic cupping therapy. A full session of wet cupping for the whole body.
Includes a 300g Yemeni Sidr Honey and 2 Smart Electronic Cuppers. 
Valued at $550


Add on 30 minute massage

A relaxation massage before your cupping session to loosen up muscles, stimulate blood flow and warm up the body.

$60 $60
Add on Cupping Facial (Females Only)

Gentle cleanse, facial oil massage and Gua Sha
Gliding cupping massage to boost lymphatic drainage and tighten skin.
Add on DIY Facial Kit for maintenance $60

$60 $60
Add on Sunnah Remedies

Award winning Yemeni Sidr Honey 300g 
Black Seed Honey 300g 
Cold Pressed Black Seed 60 Capsules 
VIP Royal Honey for Libido